Europe for Citizens


Europe for Citizens

Local efforts on environmental protection in the view of the environmental policy of the EU.

Várpalota - Hungary 11-16.2018.


Várpalota-Grottazzolina- Ilok-Petrosani-Psary

Towns involved:

Leader partner - Várpalota

Other participants - Grottazzolina (Italy), Ilok (Croatia), Petrosani (Rumania), Psary (Poland)

Numbers of participants from each town: max 26 pepole from16 – to 65 ages young people and members of different associations on base of program.

The goals of the project is to make known the cultural and gastronomical diversity of the EU; to understand the fundamental values of its political system; to present the institutional system of the EU through games; discussion forum on the future of the EU, on the challenges ahead, on countries leaving the EU or entering the EU, on euro-skepticism, on migrant crisis. Beside these we also want to present the European Solidarity Corps and volunteering lifestyle.

The participation of the local NGO-s will forward to build international relationship with NGO-s arriving from abroad.

The programs during the week: workshop, discussion forum, competition, quiz, visiting institutions, national culinary evenings, sports programs, trips.

During the project there will also be a short-film-making competition on environmental problems. You can get started your preparations at home, too. The film should be about an environmental problem and has to show how the EU handles this kind of environmental problems.

On the national culinary evenings – as the former participants may remember well – each country will present simple meals from its traditional cuisine and will hold a short cultural show (folklore music, folklore dance etc.).

It’s Important to have English-speaker people in each group.


2018. 08.11. Saturday

Arriving in late afternoon, packing out
18:00 – opening ceremony

The mayor of Várpalota will welcome the participants as well as the leaders of the delegations from abroad
Dinner Buffet in Thury Castle for the participants

2018 08 11 – 16 (From Sunday to Wednesday)

  • Bathing in Lake Balaton, Beach volleyball
    - Dr. Páldy Anna’s presentation on air pollution in Várpalota. Researches of the Interreg 4C Program
    - Trip to Alsópere – to a forest hunting lodge
    - Visiting Nádasdy Arboretum, playful programs in the nature
    - Trip to Tihany and to Balaton Highland National Park
    - Shipping on Lake Balaton
    - Visiting the House of Associations - short - 5 minutes – presentations from the participating NGO-s
    - Tasting gulash soup and kürtőskalács
    - Discovering Várpalota with guide
    - Workshops on the EU environmental policy, on migration crisis, on the history of EU
    - Quiz on the history, geography and members of the EU (especially on the members participating in the project)
    - Each country will hold presentation on its local environmental problems
    - Presentations on the European Parliament and the European Committee
    - Presentation on the European Solidarity Corps
    - Short-film-making

    National evenings
    - Presentation of Psary: Polish dinner, folklore dance show with Psary Folk Dance Group, common dance
    - Presentation of Petrosani: Rumanian dinner, folk dance with Petrosani Dance Group, common dance
    - Presentation of Grottazzolina: Italian culinary evening and presentation of Grottazzolina, Italy
    - Presentation of Ilok: Croatian dinner, music and dance evening with the Croatian music band and Hungarian Cserregő Folk Dance group
    - Mini Olympic Games of Partnertowns
    - Watching the short-films made by the participans of project together with jury
    - Awarding ceremony
    - Taking photos of the groups in Thury Castle
    - Ending speech

In the beginning of the week there will be a discussion on the short-film-making program.